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July 21, 2002 - 6:54 p.m.

i am a domestic goddess.

simon's parents came over for tea today, and i made a fantastic vanilla cake with maple butter icing - all vegan - with little walnuts on top. we had two different pots of amazing tea from tea too, quite possibly the best tea shop ever. lucky for us, they're just down the street. they've got benches with hundreds of little chinese tea cups on top, each one labeled and filled with loose tea that you can sniff. yum.

this is only after my masterpiece yesterday, when i spent all afternoon at the queen victoria market and then made a vegan shepherd's pie with a lovely little side salad. neither of us could believe how tasty it was. we'll probably start eating it once a week because you can throw whatever you want in it. if you are the strict-recipe-following type, though, you'll have to get this book.

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