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July 11, 2002 - 8:04 p.m.

sheesh, it's really cold here in the study. granted, it's the furthest room from the main heater, but that doesn't make typing any easier. when i know i need to check my e-mail, i grab my coat and scarf and something hot to eat or drink.

that said, the rest of the house is quite nice and easy to live in. much easier than the last house i occupied in 1997. that was one coooooooooold, uninsulated house.

sherry bought her plane ticket to australia - i could squeal right now. i am in serious need of some best-friend time, although i did spend two hours unloading on her on the telephone. anyhow, i am very happy that the new house will have some very special visitors soon.

simon and i never made it to the bar last night because we spent the entire evening at the laundrette. no fun. well, sort of fun because i got to catch up on my newspaper reading and i saw three people with well manicured dreads, but not fun because we had other high-priority things to do. to make things worse, he is going to be home two hours late tonight, so we'll have to scramble out the door when he gets here. i am excited that we'll be taking the tram and not driving. it just gets so frustrating trying to look for a parking space. i have issues with the impatience it creates as well as with the gas-guzzling, which in turn guzzles money. and i like taking the tram. i also like being in the city when the trees are all lit up and everyone is wearing neat scarves and coats. melbourne is the perfect place for people-watching, especially if you like to see what other people are wearing.

i'm off to get some cleaning done before we head out. wish me luck. the bar is called the zulu lounge. ugh.

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