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July 10, 2002 - 5:53 p.m.

it was bad when i was constantly bombarded by junk e-mail on a daily basis. now the messages are up to 152k in size, and they're kicking my other more important messages out. sorry if you tried to e-mail me and didn't get through. maybe you should take a cue from my dad, who knows how to work the system. he sent this e-mail to simon today:


I tried to send this to Erin, but her email is full.

Please get control of your relationship and bring my daughter into compliance with standard internet protocol. And THX. Your stuff is on the way.

Origional message:


Mandy & I boxed everything up - even some cha cha records - and will mail tomorrow. I couldn't find the microphone, though. Do you know where it is?

We Sent:
CD recorder
Cassiopeia - including 32 Meg of memory
64 Meg storage card for Cassiopeia
Fancy Shoes
Cha Cha Records
Letters & stuff
Tears from Dad


the new house is great. we made our first real dinner last night, with a rice cooker simon's aunt and uncle gave us as an engagement present. it has two steamer trays, so you can cook an entire meal in about 25 minutes. we had basmati rice, sweet potatoes, tempeh and assorted sauces (as we saw fit).

the new fridge is excellent. i love making all of these big decisions with simon. you might not think choosing a fridge is a big decision, but you're wrong. it has to be the right price, size and fit all of your stuff accordingly. we got a really good smallish-to-medium whirlpool model with all sorts of secret gadgets - it is happily chilling our gourmet snacks right now.

with all of these big decisions we've been having to make (and trust me, they consume my entire non-working life lately), i've done jack squat to prepare for the wedding. scratch that - we did check out one venue we thought was going to be the one, and i just didn't like it. it seemed too small and dirty. the food we ate was good and vegan, but too simple for our special guests. i want rockin' food. so we're checking out a bar in the city tonight called the zulu lounge. simon knows the owner, and he said we could have our own caterer, which no one else has offered (except the tennis club). --editor's note: did i mention we're supposed to getting married in a little over 2 months?-- then we're off to the laundrette to wash four loads of laundry. whee. i bought a deck of Uno cards just for the occasion.

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