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June 24, 2002 - 6:33 p.m.

We got the house!!! We got the house!!!

Simon is picking me up on my lunch hour Wednesday so we can have a good look in the daylight. Then we meet up with the realtor Friday to sign the papers and pay the deposit (known as "bond" here). So starting Friday night, I will be a resident of North Fitzroy again. Hallelujah.

Speaking of Hallelujah, my dad just e-mailed me that my sister, who is very religious and extremely conservative in what she watches, listens to, consumes, etc., puffed on a cigar this weekend. She also drank a martini and watched two rated-R movies, something I NEVER thought she'd do. This is coming from the same girl who said she wouldn't kiss a boy until she got married. Well, that one's been done, too. What is this world coming to?

So back to the house. I bought two very cool couches this weekend at a retro flea market near the modeling agency. (Side note: they also called today to ask if I could work on thursday for a lot of money. I told them no.)

Anyhoo, it's a set of two armless two-seater couches. They're very sixties and modern but not overbearing in a retro way. Very clean lines and simple design. They each fold flat to make a giant square-shaped bench, and you can put them together to make a double bed. So not only do we have a place to sit, but Sherry has a cushiony-soft place to sleep when she's here for the wedding. YAHOO!!!!!!! I feel like a real person.

The snobby-yet-sweet guy working at the flea market said, "they're very Mies van der Rohe, aren't they." I only knew who he was talking about because I read dwell magazine. For those of you non-architectural types who can't imagine what that means (ahem, Beck), let's just say Mac and JJ in kansas city would be very proud and possibly jealous. For the rest of you who don't know who Mac and JJ are, let's just say they're cool couches.

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