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June 18, 2002 - 6:29 p.m.

workday #2: so far, so good.

tuesday has quickly become my favorite day of the week. do you know why? because it's monday in america, which means nearly everyone has updated their diaryland diaries. i get wrapped up in suspense over the weekend! aaahhhh tuesday.

i'm going to see the house we've been drooling over tomorrow. simon can't go, but i'm going to have a look-see and let him know what i think. i picked up two applications, just in case. wish me luck.

i met two interesting people today. one is a girl who takes the same tram as me in the morning - she works three buildings down, also as a temp. she works in reception for the magical place that i always wondered about - the headquarters for street cleaners. ay-yi-yi! i spent hours in missouri just wondering how i could find a place like this and make a photo story. you always see roadkill or a clean street, but the process is a secret. do they work late at night? are they invisible? how do i always miss them? i might sneak in on my lunch break and see if i can follow along with my camera on weekends.

the other interesting person i met was paul, a big issue vendor. we got to talking, and he mentioned that he's getting married at the end of the year. i know i have a strict no-wedding policy, but for someone who absolutely cannot afford it, i think i'd like to volunteer my photography services for free. i'll see what he says on thursday.

beck said: "Why can't all of my friends live in one place? Then I could move there and we'd all be happy." i often thought the same thing, until marky lucksmith came up with a nice spin: it just means that everywhere you go, you know you'll see a friendly face. how sweet.

too bad i can't have the magic all-friend town just for the wedding. maybe i should ask for a transmogrifier like gumby and pokey used one episode when they were trying to perform star trek-like beaming from one room to the next. except that pokey ended up with a flowerpot for a tail by accident, and then gumby became the top half of pokey, like a centaur. hmmm. maybe not such a good idea.

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