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June 14, 2002 - 10:32 p.m.

i got up very early this morning to attend a job interview at a temp agency. the interview was an hour away via two trains, and i had to walk in the rain and pretend like i didn't have a sinus infection.

the interview went so well that the temp agency asked me to report directly to the company itself, which was one train, one tram and some walking away. in the rain. i did not take my umbrella (of course!), so i was soaked when i finally got to the office.

i got the job, but i felt much worse than when i had left this morning. by the time i got back to beaumaris, i had to ask simon to repeat everything he said, and my eyes started to cross. i went straight to bed. i think i'll be skipping the househunting tomorrow.

how do people cope without health insurance? i'm only now discovering what it's like. you think you'll be fine until something requiring medication comes up. then you have to actually weigh whether the cost is justified by the potential health risk. how sucky. under normal circumstances, i would probably seek antibiotics for my sinus infection. instead, i'm trying to pretend it's not a sinus infection at all and that i just need the weekend to recuperate. let's hope i can win points for good diet and adequate rest.

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