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June 12, 2002 - 10:13 p.m.

this morning, i dreamt that i was back in the u.s. for some reason, i needed to drive from california to oklahoma.

because i was already so close (?), i decided to drive to new york (!), so i could go to urban outfitters. in my dream, new york was 18 hours away from oklahoma. in dream time travel, it only took 1.8 hours.

also, in my dream, oklahoma was southeast of missouri. go figure. so i rationalized that the chicago urban outfitters would just be "too far."

i've been to new york three times in real life and probably just as many times in my dream life. my dream new york always has wide streets with many lanes and virtually no traffic. it looks a bit more like queens than manhattan. in any case, dream new york is strangely driveable in a way that real new york is not. so in my dream, it was easy for me to drive straight to urban outfitters.

i never made it there. i got to an open-air flea market with secondhand and recycled clothes on a busy street corner. i bought a kitschy screen-printed t-shirt (with a message i could not read but obviously found amusing enough to buy in my dream). then it started to get dark. i decided to go home and vowed to visit the urban outfitters in san francisco the following week, which - in my dream - would have coincided with my birthday.

i drove straight to fresno, california, where my parents live. in my dream, this took no time at all. i left new york and woke up in the futon in my parents' guest bedroom.

when i woke up at my parents' house (we are still in dreamland, mind you), my brothers were in the kitchen - my brothers who moved out eons ago. terry was making blueberry muffins, but he was making them in friand molds - they looked like oval-shaped mini-muffins, if you will. i was starving, so i ate a bunch of them.

terry began shouting at me, telling me they were for my mom's birthday. i shouted back that he was an idiot, and that it was easy to make more. after all, "it's only bisquick!" i yelled.

then i woke up.

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