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June 10, 2002 - 12:09 p.m.

sherry was first to notice my real web site was down. (note to diaryland: you are very real, but you are also secret. i'm talking about my "professional" site here. i still love you.) you see, i'm still freeloading off the missouri server. i use their web site space (until they kick me off), but i also have a much easier-to-remember url registered with another web host. the idea is that the web host i paid for the nice name is supposed to redirect web traffic to the missouri site. this is known as "url forwarding."

well, said web host decided my url forwarding days were over and declined to tell me. when i accessed my account, i couldn't figure out what was wrong - there was no notification or list of expiry dates for anything. so i contacted customer service and was told i needed to renew my url forwarding for an additional $5.

i wrote back to customer service, asking how i was supposed to know my url forwarding had stopped if i hadn't written to them. if i can't get notification service, i told them, surely i would find a more hands-on company to work with next time. it was bad business, i said, because i had no idea people were unable to access my site, and they could be making more money off of renewals and upgrades. the response was that i was supposed to mark the date on my calendar to remember. right. so if anyone knows of a good, friendly, hands-on web hosting service, please let me know.

simon and i trekked out to a brand new vegetarian restaurant called soulmama last night. the food was fantastic, served buffet style. the design of the restaurant was very hip and simple, and it overlooked the bay. (!) it would have been absolutely perfect for our wedding reception (and would have seated the number of guests perfectly), and we told the manager so. in fact, i begged. the manager was flattered, but he said he was 99.9% sure the owners would say no. they're not allowed to close the restaurant at any time, and he didn't think we could get a small part sectioned off. so we are back to the drawing board.

why is it so difficult to find a nice place with tables and chairs that will let us use our own caterer, without paying a fortune? it seems like an impossible task. simon's dad keeps suggesting a tennis club where simon's brother had his 21st birthday party, but it's a tennis club. the idea leaves little to be desired for either simon or me. i suppose beggars can't be choosers, though. i might have to check it out if i get desperate.

after dinner, we went to see westworld and soylent green. the verdict? soylent green = bad, westworld = not so bad. westworld was written and directed by michael crichton, the same guy who wrote jurassic park. it was about a group of three themed parks (medieval world, roman world and westworld), with robots that look just like humans. then one of the robots starts going crazy and mayhem ensues.

i theorized that westworld was basically jurassic park, but with humanoid robots instead of dinosaurs. let's have this crazy theme park with potentially dangerous things in it, and nothing will go wrong! whee! it was good fun, though. soylent green was pretty bad. charlton heston didn't say the famous line until the very, very, very end of the movie. so bad. simon and i thought it was interesting that both movies (both made in 1973, mind you) were set in the future, yet all the people looked so horribly seventies. the clothes were scary, and the women still had frosty blue eye shadow. did they really think that was never going to go out of style? the decorations were pretty bad, too - complete with love beads in the doorways. that's really forward-thinking, dudes.

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