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June 06, 2002 - 4:03 p.m.

i think i need a diaryland gold membership. sherry and i discussed it today, and diaryland is much more deserving of my money than, say,, who won't even let you read more than a few words of someone's bio now without paying. it was only a matter of time, really. i wonder if they're making money off of the memberships yet. well, as soon as i figure out which scanner i'm going to purchase, i'll be firing up the gold membership to show off some pictures.

the apartment in parkville was what i would describe as "highly livable." it was missing a few things that we would like (e.g. the possibility for a cable modem connection), and we wouldn't be allowed to paint the walls ever, but i could still imagine living there and not dying, either of disgust for the apartment or hunger due to lack of grocery money (due to high rent).

most of the places we looked at yesterday were easily the ugliest pieces of property on some very beautiful blocks. you know the mantra of "location, location, location" - well, there's a reason "location" is the only word in it. apparently, you pay for the pretty houses and nice amenities around you, not in your actual dwelling.

if i can be out of here and playing with my dishes (and baking casseroles!) in two or three weeks, i will be a happy camper.

on the movie front, simon and i saw "the hard word" with guy pearce and rachel griffiths. the newspaper critic rated it at less than half a star. the rating was actually the silhouette of a barking dog, with a description that said, "here, boy!" how cruel. we both enjoyed the movie, though, and decided that the movie critic is simply an idiot. this is the same man who gave "amelie" only one star. i wonder what mr. critic would think of our movie choice for this weekend: the original soylent green with charlton heston. simon hasn't seen the old phil hartman sketch from saturday night live, so he has no idea why i am dying to see this potentially awful movie. he just likes movies and the theatre we're going to, which has loveseats and granola bars.

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