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June 04, 2002 - 3:49 p.m.

i'm really happy about the wedding, especially the foreign visitors. i have to say, however, that i'm a little disappointed because i don't think anyone from missouri will come. unfortunately, darren hanlon is playing at the same time, so it's very understandable (especially when he only comes once in a great moon and his show will be at least $1000 cheaper than a plane ticket to my soiree). i am still sad, and i know simon is, too.

speaking of simon, he was pretty amazed when he discovered that not only is the magic money sitting in my u.s. bank account right now, but said bank account has a visa symbol attached to the bank card. thus rendering what simon now refers to as "grandma bunny's slush fund" available anywhere visa is accepted, which, as you probably know, is everywhere.

i will only use it for good, not evil. promise.

moving out is priority #1, followed by wedding matters, followed by business needs (under my definition of "business needs," a new scanner and printer are quite necessary so i can get the book project rolling again).

we visited a flat last night that was less than perfect. i can't believe how expensive my favorite neighborhood is. i don't mind some fixing up, but this place needed some aesthetic WORK (hence the price). what can you do with poo-brown carpet that is 50+ years old? clashing tiles, no windows and no heating.

we got a lead on a new place in the ritzy suburb of parkville, which we are going to visit tomorrow, right after my dr appointment. considering i have no health insurance, i don't think $40 ($20 u.s.) is all that unreasonable.

simon and i ate at a noodle bar and saw "waking life" last night. it was cheapy night at the cinema nova, so we couldn't resist. i loved it, but the rest of the audience didn't seem so enthused. they actually thought the animation was bothersome, while i thought it added the first instance of cohesion to any of richard linklater's films. don't believe me? try renting "slacker" and see how long you stay awake.

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