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June 02, 2002 - 4:26 p.m.

holy cow, how did i survive pre hotmail and diaryland?

the computer broke on tuesday (right after i told a possible employer that i would send her my web address details, as soon as i was finished updating my site that day), so we've been without internet, or anything really, ever since. i have been dying to know if there was a possible new job in the works, if rachel had her baby yet, if kym was going to write back (she did!), if a certain relative of mine had popped the question, if rachel had her baby yet, etc. etc.

i feel relieved as i'm typing to you, dear diary, from the beaumaris public library, of which i am now a member. the computer is still broken, but at least i have free internet access, and it's only a 30-minute walk away.

forgive me, however, if i don't answer my e-mail for awhile. there's some stuff i've got to attend to, and i might not have time to get to the library. you see, simon and i had a heated discussion last night. don't worry, it wasn't bad, but you can definitely tell the living situation is stressing us both out. that and the wedding situation. both come down to finances, really, and it puts stress on other things. i found out on friday that i was the only person in my modeling agency who'd been booked the entire week. that's how slow it is. so now the pressure's on for me to find a part-time job, so i still have time for the odd modeling job and to work on my photography portfolio. anyway, let's just say i unloaded on poor simon on saturday night. after some tears and some hugging, we went to st kilda to get late-night snacks and to find an internet cafe (which we never did).

so i called my parents this morning because i call them every weekend. it makes me feel better after checking in. my mom asked if i was calling to thank her for the money she had put in my account. of course, i had no idea because i haven't had internet access. i thought she meant the $40 my sister was giving me for having sold my stereo. i was very wrong. apparently, my sister and brothers decided they all wanted their "grandma bunny money" now(money from the sale of my grandparents' property that my mom had talked about giving us in the future, although my portion was iffy because it was allegedly going toward plane tickets for my family to visit me in australia).

so now there's a four-digit sum of money in my u.s. bank account.

i am still in shock, hours later, and i've been crying semi-hysterically off and on. what this means is that the wedding is on for september, and simon and i can move out asap without the stress of having to find good jobs first and having his parents know every inch of our business. so pardon me if you don't hear from me for awhile because i'll be looking for a new house. it's about time, don't you think?

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