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May 26, 2002 - 8:45 p.m.

i've been begging simon to grow a beard for i don't know how long. it's not because i love beards or think he'd look better with one. i see it as an experiment. he's never actually tried to grow one, so my curiosity is getting the better of me. also, he looks very cute and calvin-klein-underwear-modelish when he's stubbly.

it wasn't until this afternoon that i figured out why my skin has been breaking out around my mouth and chin. five zits today! i think it's the beard. well, that and the fact that i like to kiss the boy with the beard, and i'm not about to stop kissing him. so i think the beard's going to have to leave. unfortunately, that won't help tomorrow's cover shoot. how am i going to explain that my penchant for making out has created a situation in need of an airbrush? argh...

the weather is getting colder here. it's so hard to explain melbourne weather without actually experiencing it. for me to tell you that it feels much colder than the actual recorded temperature doesn't say much, but if i told you i couldn't feel my toes when we left the house this morning, then you might understand. why i chose the coldest place in australia to live is beyond me. i told simon we couldn't live in chicago, so why is it ok to be cold in melbourne?

each time someone tells me about the fantastic weather or the fantastic food now growing in the northern hemisphere, i have to breathe deeply and remind myself that everyone will be jealous when it's christmas time here and i'm sitting on the beach, sipping a virgin strawberry daiquiri. maybe that and buy myself some more thermal underwear before the temperature really starts sinking. hot cocoa, anyone?

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