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May 24, 2002 - 10:00 a.m.

while i was enjoying a very long, luxurious breakfast yesterday (which includes the entire newspaper and two kinds of toast, as well as homemade oatmeal), sherry called. i have decided to spend more money calling her because it's too weird not to talk to your best friend. even if your best friend lives thousands of miles away. she called me from work, so let's hope she still has a job when the bill rolls around.

i pulled off a fake catwalk strut for the bride magazine casting yesterday. did i mention that i never learned to walk down a runway properly? well, i haven't. it's easy once you know how, but me? i just have to fake it. i think i faked it pretty well yesterday. i guess i'll find out how well in june, when the parades (australian name for runway shows) begin.

the other girls there had long hair, glamorous outfits and high-heeled boots. the guys were wearing gucci sunglasses and tight-fitting button-down shirts with a nice sheen to them. i was wearing my puma sneakers because i had to walk from the house to the train station - a 20-minute walk that i was not about to perform in high heels. i think that five years ago, i would have felt awkward and felt something like "i hate other models!" now i just don't care. it's like i know i won't fit in anyway, so i just forget about them. weird.

i got the priceline job, which happens monday morning. it pays $150, which should just about cover the cost of cards that the agency printed up for me. so in other words, i'll break even. it's better than owing them money, i suppose.

in other news, i heard news about the Y O U bag perpetrator from shannon, the only guy to work at polyester records who isn't in a candle band or dating someone in one. he's just a regular guy. anyway, the Y O U guy's name is luke, he has a shaved head and a nice girlfriend, and he's been creating the Y O U bags for the past four months (!) as a writing exercise. he also comes in to polyester (my favorite record store) a few times a week to "top them up" and make sure there are enough to go around. i'm tempted to leave him a L U K E bag with a letter from me inside. what do you think?

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