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May 21, 2002 - 12:55 p.m.

i'm not sure if the following is more indicative of my personality or just a part of being female, but i love to window shop. more specifically, i love going into stores for the express purpose of knowing exactly what they carry. i store this info for future use - you never know when you may need something random. as a result of my shopping, i now know that an art supply store in prahran makes custom lampshade frames (as well as some wacky concoctions of their own), savers (a thrift store, or "op shop," as they call them here) has the best selection of pillowcases and linens and that kmart's candy prices are cheaper than anywhere else. i feel very proud of myself for knowing these things.

i'm listening to sting's album "nothing like the sun," which is not holding up so well 15 years later. this makes me sad, too, because i was craving it all this week. now it just sounds so dated. but i still love sting.

bevan crowley has yet to pay me, so i called the Office of the Employment Advocate this morning. i got all of the information to file my claim and then left a message because Bevan's wife (and office manager) was too busy to speak with me. in the message, i relayed the info about filing the claim. a few hours later, i received a call from a very saccharine ann crowley (out of character, naturally), saying, "i've forgotten all about you, haven't i?" you could almost see her batting her eyelashes at the other end. that's the second time i've had to use a government office to threaten someone into action (the first was when AT&T overcharged us $1,000 in missouri and wouldn't own up to it). again, i'm feeling quite proud of myself for taking action. i won't let crappy businesspeople take advantage of me.

in other news, please go see the movie lantana if you have not already. simon and i rented it a few weeks ago, and it is nothing short of fantastic. it's an australian ensemble piece in which every single actor does an excellent job - no soppy overacting here. great characters, great plot twists, great music, etc. etc. lucky for me, there are a few other aussie movies coming out with fantastic casts (like this month's "the hard word" with guy pearce and rachel griffiths).

i think i've secured a modeling gig for monday. not at The Age, an interview which i failed miserably in comparison to the other model by my side. "i love your boots, jane! i love your portfolio, jane! GUSH GUSH GUSH jane!" she said. to me, she said, "good luck, erin!" the other job is for the cover of a company magazine for priceline, which is like the australian equivalent of rite-aid or woolworths.

also: after failing the readymade photo shoot last weekend, i've gotten a fashion photographer to take pictures of des (the irish guy) and me wearing the pillowcase creations. it should be fun, and much easier than creating a self-portrait, per the editor's suggestion. if it doesn't work out, i'm sure you will all tell me so when the magazine comes out. ha ha ha.

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