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May 02, 2002 - 1:59 p.m.

part two:
just as we were leaving 3rrr, simon and i went to the goodie table. sure enough, we found a stack of those strange Y O U bags again. This time, however, each bag had an orange stripe on the front and two (!) letters inside, each in different handwriting:


Dear You

I woke up about fifteen minutes before my alarm went off. somehow I seemed to make it through the night without needing to get up to go to the toilet. But making it through these last few minutes was a bit hard. Still, it seemed wrong to get up before the alarm.

When I got up I wasn�t very pleased to see that no one had removed that strange fruit that Jean Francois bought and left cut up on the chopping board. It had lots of red juice that stained the chopping board and looked like blood. We couldn�t work out how to eat it � I thought it was like a pomagrant and you�d eat the seeds but they were crunchy so we couldn�t work it out, it was just bad.

As I walked to the bus stop I remembered the telephone bill and cheque that I should have mailed. I only started writing cheques about 6 months ago, this is my first cheque book. And I always get worried that I�ll make a mistake when writing the amount out in full.

They did a test of the fire alarms at work. And after they finished the man who sits near me explained to me what each sound means. I�ve had about four conversations with this man and he always gives me useful information. Who runs the milk club, why the woman sitting near us sometimes speaks in Ukrainian � no one else seems to think this sort of information is important but when you�re knew to a job it�s exactly what you need.

There is one less frenchman in the house as Jean Francois left this morning. But there are still two french, which is enough for a very lively debate on the [crossed-out word] results of the first round of the french elections. It�s good because I get to learn the ins and outs of french politics. I still don�t really understand why they have a president and a prime minister but I�m getting it slowly.

I have a large mosiquito bite on my left hand and left ankle and both have taken it in turns to itch the most throughout the day. At the moment, the bite on my left hand is most itchy.

love Tasha


8�15 am
on the couch

dear you,

it�s my birthday today and I can feel a change coming over me. it started on saturday when I was walking down the street and I bumped into ridge from the bold and the beautiful. it was an amazing moment in my life. he walked towards me wearing cowboy boots, orange pants and a very ugly shirt which was kind of like one of those mambo shirts but with a native american feel. he was looking up to the sky and appeared lost. I passed him, did a triple take and then walked away. that night when I told anya that she�d never guess who I had seen in the city she guessed that it was ridge pretty quickly as she had seen his album on display in sanity. thats right, ridge has released an album. my guess is that its a collection of covers of love songs such as �all the girls ive loved before� with many spoken word moments. after seeing ridge I am left with the strange sensation that he was looking for me, like he was here to deliver me some kind of message. I thought about this all day on sunday and then just as I was starting to forget I saw ridge on t.v. attending the logies. he had taken the ugly shirt off and was wearing a smart black suit as you would expect ridge would wear. in the back of my head im half expecting him to show up at my house this morning with a piece of birthday cake for us to share. just after seeing ridge I saw an ad in the newspaper for a job. the whole thing felt like it was meant to be and I am going to apply. it will mean big changes in my life but seeing ridge has somehow given me strength.

birthday presents

doc martens boots
live by rivers � sandro
pair of pants
two pairs of socks
$20 book voucher.
shoe box full of rubber stamps
fluro bike vest

speak to you again soon,


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