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May 02, 2002 - 12:28 p.m.

part one:
yesterday i took the train from sandringham to west melbourne, to attend a casting for a korean tootpaste commercial. i am not making this up. the agency asked if i could wear a skirt because the commercial called for someone with nice legs.

so here i am on the train with my hoochie clothes, and some crazy guy three seats down starts playing the flute. he's wearing a green leather jacket, secret-service sunglasses with green lenses, a red top and an orange bandanna around his neck. of course, he proceeds to talk to me for the entire 35-minute train ride.

he analyzed my personality for me and guessed that i was born in the year of the snake. then he proceeded to tell me the characteristics of female snakes ("very dangerous, and VERY ATTRACTIVE," he said twice). he told me i looked like jamie lee curtis. he also told me that mobile phones ruined his sex life. yay.

the assistant who works in the head office of simon's mum's clothing shop (did you catch that?) quit yesterday. apparently, she quit because peter, the head of the head office, is incredibly difficult to work with. they need someone to help out, so i went in yesterday and interviewed with peter. he is, indeed, a wanker. so you'll be glad to know i start working for him tomorrow.

it's only for two weeks, and i'll make about $1,000 after tax, so i really couln't pass it up. especially since none of the companies i interviewed with has called. the head of my modeling agency said business is so slow there that "i'm scratching myself, looking for something to do." and, in answer to beck's question, i am not eligible for unemployment subsidies of any kind for the next two years. yes, australia treats its own magnificently well, but immigrants are another story.

simon had his radio show again last night. i had an interesting conversation with the prior dj, started by a debate on the meaning of the movie storytelling, which we had both seen the night before. mr. dj hosts a popular indie-music show and is a bit of a local luminary. he writes for a few local publications, as well. it turns out that he is 24, never went to college, never got a "real" job (his description) and still lives with his parents, which he enjoys immensely because they have a swimming pool. he's never traveled anywhere outside of melbourne other than sydney because he has no money, no job and spends the only money he does have on records. he thinks he will eventually have to get a job and start saving so he can change things a bit, but, for now, he's pretty content with the status quo. this made me wonder: is it more embarrassing to be in mr. dj's situation and have no job and no real ambition, or is it worse to be me, who has a master's degree and still can't get a job. i'm not really sure.

part two...

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