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April 29, 2002 - 10:52 a.m.

i got an e-mail from david, which was nice. he was one of the few master's students i considered a friend while in missouri. he is still in missouri. i am happy that i left, but i am jealous because he's there and i'm not. does this make sense? i am sure, however, that he would be jealous of me if he saw how many attractive, single people live in melbourne.

i had my first driving lesson yesterday. whoa. i'm getting used to the whole clutch thing again, after not having driven a manual car for four years. the clutch is ok, but my concept of space on the left side of the car is not. expect some insurance claims to be processed very soon-like.

simon decided that driving down back roads in beaumaris would be easier than busy streets, but i found it unnerving to dodge all the parked cars on either side of the skinny-minny roads. i was ok at driving in roundabouts, but who knows what will happen when i actually have to face traffic.

on the unemployment front, beck has echoed my sentiments exactly. i've gotten to the point now that i refuse to mail a resume because it requires a stamp, an addressed envelope and a cover letter. why spend time and money to get rejected when you can just fire off the same old e-mail over and over again?

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