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April 24, 2002 - 11:34 a.m.

i am such a sucker.

melbourne has been having lovely weather lately, which made me think the whole "four seasons in one day" thing was just exaggerated in my memory. (it's the unofficial melbourne motto, as well as the title of a crowded house song that, no doubt, refers to said motto.)

now we're up to the old shifty weather again. it's grey outside my window and slightly windy. not half an hour ago, it was gorgeous, warm and sunny. i literally said to simon before he left, "what a gorgeous day." ha ha ha, funny melbourne.

the pattern for last week was to rain for about half an hour in the morning, good and hard, and then completely stop and turn into a gorgeous day. it happened when i was on my way to casting calls one morning, and i got drenched. my hair is in that awkward growing-out stage right now, so i don't need to tell you that, in the rain, it went from bad to worse. simon's mum offered to give me her umbrella, so we went to her shop to get it. she forgot that her umbrella needed a key to open (huh???), so she gave me an umbrella that one of her customers had left behind and neglected to claim.

big mistake.

i must first tell you that i was well dressed in an almost entirely black outfit and carrying my black model portfolio and my black bag. i also have nearly black hair. the umbrella, on the other hand, was forest green with large grey and orange cats all over it. it was the ugliest umbrella i had ever seen in my life. it wasn't funny enough to be cool, like bad thrift-store t-shirts that the indie-rock set so adore. it was just embarrassing.

i bought a muffin at a cafe near the train station, and the cute girl working the counter remarked that she was quite taken with my "brolly." "it's so much better than boring black," she said. i thought for a minute that maybe she was right, and it was me who needed to change my colorless outfit. then again, this is the fashion industry we're talking about. she offered to trade umbrellas with me but then realized she hadn't brought hers to work, so she had nothing to trade with. drat.

i imagine myself walking down the street while some crazy cat lady (you know the type) yells, "you've got my brolly!!!" in a harsh tone. "take it," i'd say, as if i was too cool to care. then i'd think of some reason to convince myself that i don't need an umbrella at all.

p.s. it's me again, one hour after i posted this entry. would you believe it's sunny and gorgeous again? ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

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