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April 20, 2002 - 11:38 a.m.

yesterday was fabulous.

simon and i slept in. neither of us had to work, look for work, attempt schoolwork or meet with anyone, anywhere at any time. what a rarity.

i made some yummy vegan pear pancakes, and we ate them with the real maple syrup i had smuggled in my suitcase. i gave simon a short, shaggy haircut (a very good one by both of our standards), and then we headed to ikea to brainstorm for the house we don't have. they have new bedsheets that i'm quite taken with. we bought some magazine organizers to hold all of our punk planets - 5 for $5.

after dinner, we headed to the corner hotel and saw darren hanlon. anthony from the mabels was the opening act, and kimba (also from the mabels) sang with him. mark from the lucksmiths played bass in dazza's band, so it seemed like a family reunion. tali and marty from the lucksmiths were there, as well, and i actually saw people i knew from 1997. crazy. i'm so used to going places and not knowing anyone here.

dazza was fantastic as ever, and we stayed and chatted with him past three in the morning. ugh. then we headed to brunswick street to get late-night felafel, lentil balls and turkish bread with hummus and yogurt dips. delicious. i'm glad i still remember all the secret places!

i'm still hoping for someplace that will serve me french fries late at night. what australians need is a good dose of steak 'n' shake.

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