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April 18, 2002 - 8:07 p.m.

i know, i know - two entries in the same night.

i was thinking, though. simon and i now have a car, and all we have are simon's car tapes. trust me when i say this is not a good thing. i gave most of my car tapes away to pepe and left the rest in america, thinking i wouldn't need them for a long time. well, we have a car now.

this is my plea: please, please, please send me/us something to listen to in the car. i know a tape might be too expensive for some of you to mail, so i don't care if you burn it on cd and then send it caseless. we are going crazy, and my better half is not content just to listen to the radio. i don't care if you tape npr or kcou or make a copy of an old mix tape you made or someone gave you. i just need variety here, and something that won't cause headaches in the car. thanks.

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