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April 11, 2002 - 5:49 p.m.

it is official: i have sold my soul back to the modeling world.

if this was the old me writing, you'd better believe i would keep it secret. the old me was embarrassed if anyone found out. i always had a housemate or two who were willing to embarrass me in public, especially whenever an offending magazine was hanging around.

now, though, i really don't care. and i don't know why. i suppose that i dress like such a slob most days that i can't get possibly get conceited about it. i know what it's really like, and it's not very glamorous. and it's not like i'm telling people on the street, right? i'm telling you, my top secret, ultra-private diary, which means that if you're reading this, you probably know about my shady past anyway. so there.

i've got two casting calls tomorrow, which should be interesting. i feel way too old to be doing this, but i guess that's life. i can start dressing like a hoochie again. what's the alternative - working with evil boss bevan all day? i'll take modeling, thank you very much. wish me luck, because i really need money. simon and i have to move out of this place. aiy-eeeeeeee!!!!


p.s. i did a google search not long ago for for evil boss bevan and found this juicy tidbit:

Perth company promoter Adam Rankine-Wilson and corporate adviser Ian McLiver brought the remnants of Media Asia Pacific out of administration in February this year after a chequered history under a group of unrelated former directors.
In 1998, former managing director and major shareholder Bevan Crowley was jailed for six months for writing fake invoices in an attempt to lift the financial outlook of the company before a half yearly audit.

it figures.

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