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April 08, 2002 - 8:50 p.m.

it's pretty much official now that the car is ours. colin is taking it in for repairs tomorrow (new muffler, new door and window seals, etc.), after which it becomes property of erin and simon. right now it smells bad, though, from rain leaking through the aforementioned window seals, so gifts of car air fresheners would be greatly appreciated.

i'm assisting a wedding for bernie on sunday. i decided that i can't allow myself to quit until i've become firmly disillusioned. right now, i'm only slightly disillusioned, and still eager to learn, frankly. a highlight will be the couple's plan to take a boat on the yarra river, something i've always wanted to do but haven't yet gotten a chance. yay for me.

simon and i went to the grocery store tonight to get some veggie burgers to eat with our sweet-potato fries. we bought two different kinds (there were at least 8 to choose from), but neither was very spectacular. i miss garden burger. well, i suppose i really miss my knowledge of american brands, of foods already tested and given the green light in the taste department. it's really hard to smell food through plastic packaging, so i suppose i'll be buying surprises for awhile longer. luckily, we were able to smell the fabric softener choices through their sealed plastic packaging. we will be spared the embarrassment of smelling like old ladies, which is what most of the varieties smell like here, or food (e.g. green apple or peach), the other popular option. maybe it's just better to be itchy all day.

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