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April 05, 2002 - 5:27 p.m.

i have been without internet for about a week now, and i have been GOING CRAZY. and i feel so stupid for going crazy. it's hard to think back to a time when we didn't have the internet at our disposal, or a time when people weren't expected to have mobile phones and answer their mobile phones. once society gets hooked, the trouble starts.

the internet connection was repaired today, just in time for me to see my giant nipple on display. [hint: i'm the one in pink, with the giant nipple.] in less than two weeks, people in borders and barnes&noble will be able to see it. that is the last time i let some fashion stylist fool me into thinking it's ok to be bra-less.

just to update the score, i'm still looking for a job, and i'm still living at simon's parents' house. on the upside, they have decided to give us a car (his mum got a new one today, so the old one goes to us), which is amazingly generous. on the downside, now we have to pay for said car. i just learned that we have to pay yearly car tax here, something like $500. don't forget insurance and gas (known as "petrol").

i was also horrified to discover last week that i am not eligible for public health insurance until simon and i are married. holy cow. this is not what the australian consulate in los angeles had led me to believe, but after a few phone calls, it's pretty much confirmed. after all the debating about the stupid wedding date, i have to laugh when i think that health insurance might actually prompt us to elope this month.

would you elope if it meant you could get health care? please vote now.

in other news, i spent easter with simon's aunt pat, uncle martin and senile nana. pat kept commenting that i looked different but couldn't tell how. during the meal, she interjected, "you've gained weight, haven't you!" i replied that i hadn't, to which simon's mum replied, "yes, you have!" as if she knew better. then i told them that i weighed exactly the same as the last time they saw me (which was a slight fib, as i've probably gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 pounds, but who really cares?). i must remind myself to be less shocked when they say stupid things and to develop a thicker skin. or maybe i should have bought flowers like sherry did on easter, and then they would be nice to me.

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