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March 29, 2002 - 10:57 a.m.

oooh, it's been too long since i've written here.

on tuesday, i went to work at bevan's office at 9 am. bevan got to work at 9:30 and immediately pulled me in for yet another lecture. it all went badly, lasted way too long and resulted in me getting sacked. i couldn't have been happier. well, i was mad that he had attempted to diminish my spirit by repeatedly telling me i wasn't a "star player," but i was HAPPY to be rid of him.

i went immediately to gregory's wedding photography and met with bernie, the owner. it was like the difference between night and day with bernie and bevan. bernie was amazing, and we had a really good chat for nearly an hour. i start assisting tomorrow! it pays next to nothing, but i am very excited. one of the great things about gregory's is that they start taking pictures when the bride and groom are getting ready. so we're heading to the groom's apartment first tomorrow. fun fun fun.

after that, i went back to my old modeling agency, in its new office. they gave me the ok to work again, so i'm waiting until my portfolio arrives from the u.s. (i love my mom). of course, it was far more important for me to pack a 1 lb. tin of maple syrup than a modeling portfolio before i left for oz. i know sherry is probably laughing at me right now.

next, i took the tram to melbourne uni to see the lucksmiths. it was a free show, and i'd gotten some fabulous, cheap food from the melbourne uni food co-op: a tomato, basil and cheese calzone and a slice of their famous vegan mocha cake. i sat and gorged myself while the luckies played, and i thought how glad i was that i wasn't working.

other news: simon and i each got a new bank account (plus a third joint account), after some serious comparison shopping. we couldn't believe how much better and friendlier our bank was, compared to the others at which we'd been looking. i feel like a real person, now that i've got a bank account.

simon's birthday was yesterday. it was the first one we've spent together, so it was pretty special. i baked a cake, we went out to dinner, and then we went to fitzroy to see mark eitzel. once again, he put on an extraordinarily entertaining live show. atko was there, so i was pretty thrilled about that. he looked adorable as ever. i was also pretty thrilled just to be in fitzroy. i really, really, really hope we find a house there because i can't imagine living somewhere else and always ending up in fitzroy. it seems silly.

when we walked down brunswick street (my favorite street in fitzroy), we saw a new business called world wide wash. it's a laundrette/internet cafe. what a great business idea! i was amazed that someone had come up with a better idea than rollersuds, my business dream of a roller rink surrounding a set of washers and dryers. you could skate around your laundry and then go upstairs to the vegetarian cafe for a bite to eat (that's why this is a dream, right?). or some of those red licorice ropes that are always prevalent at roller rinks. but internet access? that just makes sense.

last, but not least: i am in love with the moldy peaches. below is an excerpt from the brilliant "jorge regula"

My name is Jorge Regula / I'm walkin down the street / I love you / Let's go to the beach

<<<��� - ���>>>

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