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March 25, 2002 - 7:12 p.m.

while riding on the tram today, i saw a professional sign on a professional shop that said "manipulative physiotherapist." hmmm.

so my job sucks, and i might be fired at any time (if i'm ever actually hired). i think tomorrow will be another trial period because i "have the capacity" to do the job as boss-man bevan says, but i am way too slow to be "economic" for him. the entire job consists of typing news briefs, editing them and writing headlines. there's a little bit of layout involved, but nothing else. and they time you! i am actually at that stage in my life that if he fires me, i will probably be thankful. i don't need anyone getting on my case from day one. at least i got to work with a nice boy my age named william today. i think he was a boy, but maybe he was a robot because he could do in 40 minutes what took me an hour and a half.

i took the tram to the wedding photography studio and shamelessly asked for a position as a photographer's assistant. i have a good feeling about this one. even though it's probably one or two days a week, and they only pay $50 a day, it will be fabulous experience. their pictures are gorgeous, and i happen to have a wedding coming up (are you catching on to my ulterior motives yet?). so we will see what happens. i told the receptionist that my area of expertise was polaroid, and she was quite receptive.

i also went to my old modeling agency, which is in roughly the same neighborhood as the current trial job and the wedding photography studio. the agency disappeared not too long ago, unbeknownst to me, with no sign of the new whereabouts. i asked nearby shopowners, and they didn't know, either. that will have to be a scavenger hunt for tomorrow, if bevan goes for the part-time thing. (i didn't even mention the time off i wanted for the wedding because he'd already taken up enough of my time with a half-hour lecture on how slow and uneconomical i am.) let's hope i can still catch the lucksmiths.

now i'm going to watch the oscars, hours after the show has already occurred, because australia has to show it in prime time. simon's working right now, so he can't watch with me. he wanted to videotape it and have me watch it later with him, but i can't postpone gown gratification any longer. i must know what the stars are wearing.

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