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March 14, 2002 - 10:00 a.m.

i got an e-mail from pats this morning. she was my housemate when i lived in australia in 1997, and she was also a co-conspirator in the erin and simon match game. i hadn't heard from her in at least a year, and then she sends this message:

Thought I'd just drop by a line as I dreamt of you the night before last. I saw you and Simon still together. Simon was still still the same but you did not seem as "perky", bubbly and inventive as I knew you to be. Maybe the dream came because I was in Fitzroys reminiscing about our life and "nachos at the Hideout" two weeks ago - by the way things are still the same on Brunswick Street and the old hotel we called our home. Hope you get this message and tell me that my dream is dead wrong!

i hope i'm still fun. maybe i'm not as fun? ack. how can you tell if you're not as fun as you used to be? please, anyone, if you know me, e-mail me and tell me how fun i am, compared to when you first met me (or five years ago, if you've known me longer). be honest.

on another note, here is my horoscope from this morning:

you could feel overwhelmed by your work and its demands. break though, making a call or reaching out for another who helps you gain perspective. what is happening is good. remain positive.

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