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March 11, 2002 - 10:21 a.m.

my dad had an epiphany last night - that he should make fried-egg sandwiches and ramen noodles for my last meal. then i had to tell him that everyone else is busy next weekend and that we can't have a family dinner. i went to the fridge to find something to eat, and then i started thinking about those fried-egg sandwiches. so we decided that last night was the time to do it.

i rarely eat eggs, and i gave up mayonnaise over five years ago, so fried-egg sandwiches are really out of line. my dad is also on a diet and trying to cut down on cholesterol. the sandwiches have sentimental value, though: my dad used to make them when i was little and mom was out of town. i think, besides bbq meat, that it was the only meal-ish thing my dad knew how to make. but it always tasted so good: toasted sourdough or other white bread, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, iceberg lettuce and one giant fried egg (which, i found out, is fried in butter. ACK!). when you eat it, the egg usually pops and runs down your arm, which it did last night. i was very pleased about that. i think the noodles were his idea of making it a square meal.

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