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March 03, 2002 - 11:01 p.m.

i am now in the process of trying to find the cheapest plane ticket. so far, qantas (via wins, with $1031 for a direct one-way. i only found one cheaper, for $844.25 through it's on air malaysia, and i don't know how much i trust them. plus, i would be saving $200 but adding 12 hours to the flight because malaysia would be my stopover. ugh.

would you be willing to fly on air malaysia? maybe i'm just being a ninny.

today is the second day i've had nervous stomach. it's the kind i used to get on christmas eve, when i knew santa would bring me good stuff. whenever "nervous stomach" occurs, i have trouble sleeping and seem to be very, very hungry, especially for cheese. i challenge anyone to explain *that* to me.

usually i get nervous stomach before seeing simon because i freak out that i've forgotten how to kiss (or something equally lame-brained and unfounded). this time, i know it's the move. it's that feeling that i actually got what i wished for, and then some. weird, eh? if i get a publishing deal soon, i will probably have to stock up on cheese. colby, anyone?

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