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February 24, 2002 - 11:05 p.m.

esprit has been bought out in the u.s. and will no longer make fabulous clothes for me to enjoy. to drown my sorrows, i took advantage of a few choice clearance items at the outlet in san francisco. man, i am going to miss that place.

i went to s.f. on friday to visit with the boys from dwell, sell some cds at amoeba (who paid the stingiest amount yet), some clothes at buffalo exchange and eat some good food. the temperature was in the high 60s, which will probably make some of my midwestern friends jealous. maybe you'd better ignore this next bit then: while s.f. experienced high 60s that day, fresno was a whopping sunny 77 degrees. yes, in february. hallelujah.

unfortunately, the drive to s.f. was terribly foggy, so i couldn't see the windmills on the altamont pass, my favorite place on earth (because of the windmills, naturally). it also stunk because my car is making an awful noise that sounds like an intense pressure cooker, and i had to listen to really loud rock music to drown it out. (the latest microphones album, which i had taped specifically for the trip, didn't cut it.)

i have to go back to s.f. on tuesday to visit some people who might be able to help me out with the book publishing thing. cross your fingers for me. then i'm going to visit magazine office #2, to possibly snag a submission.

and since you wanted to know the rest of my schedule, i'll tell you: i'm getting another bone density test tomorrow and will finally get to see my endocrinologist. then in the afternoon it's bleaching #3 for the evil dark tooth, which almost matches the other front teeth now. i am *so* very happy about that. i've also got to mail off some presents i stole for barb from the dwell office. oh boy, won't she be happy?

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