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February 22, 2002 - 1:39 a.m.

Things I saw while perusing the aisles at Big Lots! (formerly known as MacFrugal's, and before that it was called Pic-n-Save, which was the butt of all great jokes in elementary school):

"apple cinnamon chicken breast nuggets" with a note at the bottom that says "smoke flavor added"

Pez brand popcorn, in grape, orange and lemon flavors (and shockingly bright colors)

"ruby raspberry black bean dip"

you don't have to ask *me* how this stuff ended up on sale.

in other news, i'm a-heading to san francisco and berkeley tomorrow for CD dump (and clothing dump) #1 and some business-y stuff, too. please cross your fingers that my car doesn't end up at the esprit outlet because I CAN'T AFFORD IT. thank you.

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