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February 19, 2002 - 8:18 p.m.

diaryland, you suck. shame on you for losing my last entry.

ahem. so i'm now in phase two of weeding out my cd collection. i usually clean house twice a year, but i always get rid of the easy stuff: radio-station promos, bad gifts, things i never listen to anymore, etc. amoeba records in san francisco is known for buying anything, even if they only give you 50 cents, so i'm used to toting crap over there.

this year, it's more difficult. i'm moving to australia, or at least that's the idea. this means i don't have room for my usual high number of CDs (or their pesky jewelboxes), nor do I have the funds for postage to have them shipped. and i need money REALLY badly. so i'm being more discriminatory. these are the cds that have made (or not made)the cut thus far...

*****cds i think i've outgrown***** 2 by the connells, 2 by toad the wet sprocket, the breeders: last splash, edie brickell: ghost of a dog, the cure: staring at the sea, the replacements: all shook down

*****cds that contain only one or two songs i like, so i'm burning a mix with the singles and chucking the CDs afterward***** slowdive: just for a day, the pastels: truck train tractor, prefab sprout: protest songs, stereolab: mars audiac quintet, madder rose: bring it down, my bloody valentine: isn't anything, tears for fears: elemental, heavenly: le jardin de heavenly, edsel: techniques of speed hypnosis, robyn hitchcock: techniques of speed hypnosis

*****cds that simon already owns, so i get to keep the cash***** art of fighting: wires, the necks: piano bass drums, cat power: moon pix, will oldham: joya, red house painters: old ramon & down colorful hill, the sea and cake: the fawn, a handful of cds by something for kate

*****artists whose entire collections i am keeping, even though some cds or singles may be hit or miss***** mark eitzel/american music club, morrissey/the smiths, jeff buckley, INXS, any artist on candle records

*****are you kidding? if i ever sell this, i must be insane***** the flaming lips: zaireeka

*****they start with "d," but i'm not yet sure about***** the db's: stands for decibels, the dukes of stratosphear (xtc side project), 2 by dexys midnight runners that cost me a pretty penny back in the day. do i need every cd by dramarama?

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