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2001-12-09 - 12:02 p.m.

my parents are on to me. my dad keeps sniffing around and asking what i'm doing and where i've been, and i just keep retaliating, first with quiet pause, and then - when he won't let up - with angry bursts. yesterday he really pushed my buttons, making comments about my book that he has no right to make, and he tried to hug me when i left to get in the car. i ran away, and we ended up dancing around the car, laughing. he caught me, but i didn't give in.

i wonder how long it will take before they figure out i've been sneaking around on official christmas business. i'm taking pictures of all of my family members. i originally thought this would make good presents for those photographed, but it's really for me. i'll be in australia in a few months, and i'll want photos to remember them by. [sniff]

i got a package from the australian consulate yesterday, and they sent all of our evidence (e.g. phone bills, e-mails, etc.) back! i guess they were done reading it, or the pile was so thick that they decided it had to be real and decided not to read anything. i wasn't expecting the stuff back at all, much less so soon. whatever the case, i have to get a health exam and a chest x-ray (and an AIDS test!) and a police clearance letter from missouri and california, stating that i am "of good character". hmmm.

it is warmer in california today than it is in missouri. ha! it's about time.

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